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Martini List



Candy Apple Martini:

Stoli Gala Appalik Vodka and godiva caramel liqueur.

Apple Pie Martini:

Apple Pie Liqueur, Stoli vodki topped with whipped cream.

Pumkin Pie Martini:

Pumkin Pie Liqueur, Stoli vodka topped with Whipped cream.

Carmel Chocolate Martini:

Godiva Chocolate vodka, godiva carmel Liqueur.

Chocolate Covered Cherry or Strawberry:

Godiva White, Godiva Dark and Stoli Wild Cherri or Stoli Strasberi


Godiva White, Godiva Dark, Baileys and Stoli.

Mint Chocolate:

Green Cream de Menthe with Godiva white and Godiva Dark


Single shot of espresso, coffee liquor, Baileys and Stoli.


Grey Goose Citroen, Gran Marnier, fresh lime and cranberry juice.

Peachs and Crème:

Peach vodka, Peach nectar topped with whipped cream.

Lemoncello Martini:

Lemoncello and Citroen Vodka

Basil Martini:

Fresh basil and Kettle One Criteon with a touch of sour mix and lemon twist.


Sour apple Liquor with Kettle one Vodka

S’more Martini: (coming soon)

Marshmallow vodka, Godiva dark chocolate with a graham cracker rim!






Specialty Drinks



Ice Pick

Your choice of Stoli Blueberi, Strasberi, Razberi, Or Kettle Citron with fresh brewed ice tea with a lemon.

Italian Surfer with A Russian Attitude:

Parrot Bay Coccnut, Vodka, Amaretto cranberry and pineapple juice.

Lemoncello Sunrise:

Lemoncello, Orange Juice and grenadine.

Strawberry Fizzy:

Strawberry puree, Rum, Moscato, lime juice with a splash of sprite.

Italian Margretta:

Amaretto, Tequilla and sour mix.



Coffee Drinks



Roman Rasta

Coffee, Sambucca, Dark Rum and Whipped Cream

Café Amore

Brandy, Amaretto and Whipped Cream

Amaretto Coffee

Coffee, Amaretto, Whipped cream

Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee

Coffee, Baileys are Whipped Cream

Bavarian Coffee

Coffee, Crème de Menthe,, Kahlua coffee liqueur and Whipped Cream

Spanish Coffee

Coffee, Tia Maria, Rum and Whipped Cream

Cafe Don Juan

Coffee, Dark rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur and Whipped Cream

Chocolate-Hazelnut Coffee

Coffee, Godiva Chocolate liqueur, Frangelico and Whipped Cream

Nose Warmer

Coffee, Tia Maria, Bailey's, Grand Marnier, Frangelico, dark crème de cacao and Whipped Cream

Irish Coffee

Coffee, Bushmills and Whipped Cream


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