Born and raised in Matera Italy, Chef Rocco Gargano's talents came naturally. Being the son of a farmer Rocco began to recognize the freshest ingredients. Moving to the United States in 1962. He began to work with his father who owned both a luncheonette and a restaurant in New York City. He joined the military and served 2 years but decide not to continue, so he could pursue his passion of fine Italian cooking. He moved to Baltimore and successfully opened many pizzerias. But that still didn't satisfy him. He wanted a fine dining restaurant so he could display his talents. So in September of 1996 Rocco Gargano took over Capriccio. Renaming it Rocco's Capriccio.

He instantly became a local favorite. Being televised on local T.V. stations and written up in several newspapers and magazines. He's a genius in the kitchen and an entertainer in the dining room. Chef Rocco specializes in the finest cuts of veal, wild game and fresh fish from around the world. Sauces are his specialty. All his dishes are made to perfection.

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